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/* Hobbit overview webpage generator tool.                                    */
/*                                                                            */
/* This file holds data-definitions and declarations used in bbgen.           */
/*                                                                            */
/* Copyright (C) 2002-2006 Henrik Storner <henrik@storner.dk>                 */
/*                                                                            */
/* This program is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL),       */
/* version 2. See the file "COPYING" for details.                             */
/*                                                                            */

#ifndef __BBGEN_H_
#define __BBGEN_H_

#include <time.h>
#include "libbbgen.h"

/* Structure defs for bbgen */

   This "drawing" depicts the relations between the various data objects used by bbgen.
   Think of this as doing object-oriented programming in plain C.

   bbgen_page_t                          hostlist_t          state_t
+->  name                                  hostentry --+       entry --+
|    title                                 next        |       next    |
|    color                                             |               |
|    subpages                              +-----------+       +-------+
|    groups -------> group_t               |                   |
|    hosts ---+         title              V                   |
+--- parent   |         hosts ---------> host_t                |
     oldage   |         onlycols           hostname            |
     next     |         next               ip                  |
      ^       +------------------------>   color               |
      |                                    oldage              |
      |                                    bb2color            |
      |                                    bbnkcolor           |
      +---------------------------------   parent              |
                                           alerts              |
                                           waps                |
                                 anywaps             |
                                           nopropyellowtests   |
                                           nopropredtests      |
                                           noproppurpletests   |
                                           nopropacktests      |
                                 rawentry            V
                                           entries ---------> entry_t
                                           dialup               column -------> bbgen_col_t
                                           reportwarnlevel      color             name
                                           comment              age               next
                                           banks                oldage
                                           banksize             acked
                                           next                 alert

  bbgen_page_t structure holds data about one BB page - the first record in this list
  represents the top-level bb.html page. Other pages in the list are defined
  using the bb-hosts "page" directive and access via the page->next link.

  subpages are stored in bbgen_page_t structures also. Accessible via the "subpages"
  link from a page.

  group_t structure holds the data from a "group" directive. groups belong to
  pages or subpages. 
  Currently, all groups act as "group-compress" directive.

  host_t structure holds all data about a given host. "color" is calculated as
  the most critical color of the individual entries belonging to this host.
  Individual tests are connected to the host via the "entries" link.

  hostlist_t is a simple 1-dimensional list of all the hosts, for easier
  traversal of the host list.

  entry_t holds the data for a given test (basically, a file in $BBLOGS).
  test-names are not stored directly, but in the linked "bbgen_col_t" list.
  "age" is the "Status unchanged in X" text from the logfile. "oldage" is
  a boolean indicating if "age" is more than 1 day. "alert" means this 
  test belongs on the reduced summary (alerts) page.

  state_t is a simple 1-dimensional list of all tests (entry_t records).

#define PAGE_BB         0
#define PAGE_BB2  1
#define PAGE_NK         2

/* Max number of purple messages in one run */
#define MAX_PURPLE_PER_RUN    30

/* Column definitions.                     */
/* Basically a list of all possible column */
/* names                                   */
typedef struct bbgen_col_t {
      char  *name;
      char  *listname;  /* The ",NAME," string used for searches */
      struct bbgen_col_t      *next;
} bbgen_col_t;

typedef struct col_list_t {
      struct bbgen_col_t      *column;
      struct col_list_t *next;
} col_list_t;

/* Measurement entry definition               */
/* This points to a column definition, and    */
/* contains the actual color of a measurement */
/* Linked list.                               */
typedef struct entry_t {
      struct bbgen_col_t *column;
      int   color;
      char  age[20];
      int   oldage;
      time_t  fileage;
      int   acked;
      int   alert;
      int   onwap;
      int   propagate;
      char  *sumurl;
      char  *skin;
      char  *testflags;
      struct reportinfo_t *repinfo;
      struct replog_t *causes;
      char    *histlogname;
      char    *shorttext;
      struct entry_t    *next;
} entry_t;

/* Aux. list definition for loading state of all tests into one list */
typedef struct state_t {
      struct entry_t    *entry;
      struct state_t    *next;
} state_t;

typedef struct host_t {
      char  *hostname;
      char  *displayname;
      char    *clientalias;
      char  *comment;
      char    *description;
      char  ip[IP_ADDR_STRLEN];
      int   dialup;
      struct entry_t    *entries;
      int   color;            /* Calculated */
      int   bb2color;   /* Calculated */
      int   bbnkcolor;  /* Calculated */
      int     oldage;
      char  *alerts;
      int   nktime;
      int   anywaps;
      int   wapcolor;
      char  *waps;
      char    *nopropyellowtests;
      char    *nopropredtests;
      char    *noproppurpletests;
      char    *nopropacktests;
      char  *pretitle;
      struct bbgen_page_t *parent;
      double  reportwarnlevel;
      char  *reporttime;
      int     *banks;
      int     banksize;
      int     nobb2;
      struct host_t     *next;
} host_t;

/* Aux. list definition for quick access to host records */
typedef struct hostlist_t {
      struct host_t           *hostentry;
      struct hostlist_t       *clones;
} hostlist_t;

typedef struct group_t {
      char  *title;
      char  *onlycols;
      char  *exceptcols;
      struct host_t     *hosts;
      char  *pretitle;
      struct group_t    *next;
} group_t;

typedef struct bbgen_page_t {
      char  *name;
      char  *title;
      int   color;            /* Calculated */
      int     oldage;
      char  *pretitle;
      struct bbgen_page_t     *next;
      struct bbgen_page_t     *subpages;
      struct bbgen_page_t     *parent;
      struct group_t    *groups;
      struct host_t     *hosts;
} bbgen_page_t;

typedef struct summary_t {
      char        *name;
      char        *receiver;
      char        *url;
      struct summary_t  *next;
} summary_t;

typedef struct dispsummary_t {
      char        *row;
      char        *column;
      char        *url;
      int         color;
      struct dispsummary_t    *next;
} dispsummary_t;

extern bbgen_page_t     *pagehead;
extern state_t          *statehead;
extern bbgen_col_t      *colhead, null_column;
extern summary_t  *sumhead;
extern dispsummary_t    *dispsums;
extern int        bb_color, bb2_color, bbnk_color;
extern time_t           reportstart, reportend;
extern double           reportwarnlevel, reportgreenlevel;
extern int        reportstyle;
extern int        dynamicreport;
extern int              fqdn;


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