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/* Hobbit monitor network test tool.                                          */
/*                                                                            */
/* This is used to implement the testing of a TCP service.                    */
/*                                                                            */
/* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Henrik Storner <henrik@hswn.dk>                    */
/*                                                                            */
/* This program is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL),       */
/* version 2. See the file "COPYING" for details.                             */
/*                                                                            */

#ifndef __CONTEST_H_
#define __CONTEST_H_

#include <time.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>

#ifdef BBGEN_SSL

 * OpenSSL defs. We require OpenSSL 0.9.5 or later
 * as some of the routines we use are not available
 * in earlier versions.
#include <openssl/opensslv.h>
#include <openssl/ssl.h>
#include <openssl/rand.h>
#include <openssl/err.h>

#error SSL-protocol testing requires OpenSSL version 0.9.5 or later

 * bbgen without support for SSL protocols.
#undef TCP_SSL
#define TCP_SSL 0x0000
#define SSL_CTX void
#define SSL void

#include "libbbgen.h"

extern char *ssl_library_version;
extern char *ciphershigh;
extern char *ciphersmedium;
extern unsigned int warnbytesread;

#define SSLVERSION_V2      1
#define SSLVERSION_V3      2
#define SSLVERSION_TLS1    3

typedef struct {
      char *cipherlist;
      int  sslversion;
      char *clientcert;
} ssloptions_t;

typedef int (*f_callback_data)(unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int size, void *privdata);
typedef void (*f_callback_final)(void *privdata);

#define CONTEST_ENOCONN    2
#define CONTEST_EDNS       3
#define CONTEST_EIO        4
#define CONTEST_ESSL       5

typedef struct tcptest_t {
      struct sockaddr_in addr;        /* Address (IP+port) to test */
      struct svcinfo_t *svcinfo;      /* svcinfo_t for service */
      int  fd;                        /* Socket filedescriptor */
      char *tspec;
      unsigned int bytesread;
      unsigned int byteswritten;

      /* Connection info */
      int  connres;                   /* connect() status returned */
      int  open;                      /* Result - is it open? */
      int  errcode;                   /* Pick up any errors */
      struct timeval timestart;     /* Starttime of connection attempt */
      struct timeval duration;      /* Duration of connection attempt */
      struct timeval totaltime;     /* Duration of the full transfer */

      /* Data we send */
      unsigned char *sendtxt;
      unsigned int sendlen;

      /* For grabbing banners */
      int  silenttest;        /* Banner grabbing can be disabled per test */
      int  readpending;               /* Temp status while reading banner */
      unsigned char *banner;          /* Banner text from service */
      unsigned int bannerbytes;       /* Number of bytes in banner */

      /* For testing SSL-wrapped services */
      ssloptions_t *ssloptions;     /* Specific SSL options requested by user */
      SSL_CTX *sslctx;        /* SSL context pointer */
      SSL  *ssldata;                /* SSL data (socket) pointer */
      char *certinfo;               /* Certificate info (subject+expiretime) */
      time_t certexpires;           /* Expiretime in time_t format */
      int sslrunning;               /* Track state of an SSL session */
      int sslagain;                 /* SSL read/write needs more data */

      /* For testing telnet services */
      unsigned char *telnetbuf;     /* Buffer for telnet option negotiation */
      int telnetbuflen;       /* Length of telnetbuf - it's binary, so no strlen */
      int telnetnegotiate;          /* Flag telling if telnet option negotiation is being done */

      /* For testing http services */
      void *priv;
      f_callback_data datacallback;
      f_callback_final finalcallback;

      struct tcptest_t *next;
} tcptest_t;


#define HTTPVER_ANY 0
#define HTTPVER_10  1
#define HTTPVER_11  2

#define CHUNK_INIT       1
#define CHUNK_GETLEN     2
#define CHUNK_DATA       4
#define CHUNK_DONE       6
#define CHUNK_NOMORE     7

typedef struct {
      tcptest_t   *tcptest;

      char        *url;             /* URL to request, stripped of BB'isms */
      int         parsestatus;
      bburl_t           bburl;

      int         gotheaders;
      int         contlen;
      int         chunkstate;
      unsigned int      leftinchunk;

      unsigned char     *headers;         /* HTTP headers from server */
      unsigned int      hdrlen;
      unsigned char     *output;          /* Data from server */
      unsigned int      outlen;

      long        httpstatus;       /* HTTP status from server */
      char        *contenttype;           /* Content-type: header from server */

      int         contentcheck;           /* 0=no content check, 1=regex check, 2=digest check */
      void        *exp;             /* data for content match (digest, or regexp data) */
      digestctx_t *digestctx;       /* OpenSSL data for digest handling */
      char        *digest;          /* Digest of the data received from the server */
      long        contstatus;       /* Pseudo HTTP status for content check */

      /* Used during status-reporting */
      int         httpcolor;        /* Color of this HTTP test */
      char        *errorcause;
      char        *faileddeps;            /* List of failed dependency checks */
} http_data_t;

extern unsigned long tcp_stats_read;
extern unsigned long tcp_stats_written;
extern unsigned int tcp_stats_total;
extern unsigned int tcp_stats_http;
extern unsigned int tcp_stats_plain;
extern unsigned int tcp_stats_connects;

extern char *init_tcp_services(void);
extern int default_tcp_port(char *svcname);
extern void dump_tcp_services(void);
extern tcptest_t *add_tcp_test(char *ip, int port, char *service, ssloptions_t *sslopt,
                      char *tspec, int silent, unsigned char *reqmsg, 
                      void *priv, f_callback_data datacallback, f_callback_final finalcallback);
extern void do_tcp_tests(int timeout, int concurrency);
extern void show_tcp_test_results(void);
extern int tcp_got_expected(tcptest_t *test);


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